Hero:108 / 水火108

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About 水火108

出自於中國奇書水滸傳, 《水火108》以現代、詼諧的手法重新演繹經典故事,將官民之爭轉化為動物與人類的生存之戰,衍生出許多俠義逗趣的動人故事。故事一開始動物就佔領了人類的東京城,人類則被趕到荒野。動物軍團之王高球和人類領袖水火好漢們對抗,兩股對峙的勢力一觸即發,人類和動物究竟有沒有和平相處的可能?
這部動畫影集在全球超過100個國家播放並入圍美國動畫安妮獎(Annie Awards),想知道為甚麼它能風靡全球?你不會想錯過《水火108》!


 About Hero: 108

Generated from Chinese novel, The Water Margin, Hero:108 twists the classic novel with a modern and humorous touch. The fight between the authority and civilian is transformed to the survival war between animals and humans. Each episode focuses on different issues – justice, peace and heartbreaking love stories — and bring different emotions to the audience.
Hero:108 is not simply about combat. It’s the testimony of no impossible friend; even the most vicious and insufferable animals could be good companions. The essence of the story is the process of how human and animal overcome obstacles to become good friends.


2003 International Digital Content Prototype Festival-Animation Award
2004 The Nicktoons Film Festival-Selected for Screening
2004 Taiwan International Animation Festival-Selected for Screening
2006 International Cartoon and Animation Original Works Special (Exhibition: The
Originals- Neo-Aesthetics of Animamix ) CHINA
2007 Taiwan International Animation Festival
2010 KidScreen Award, nominated for Best Animated Series

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