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《米各說》(Mig Said) 是60集的動畫寓言故事。此系列以不帶著批判的眼光,用一種自在態度來笑看人生。美麗而優雅的圖畫與生動的角色表演,再加上絕妙的配樂,《米各說》國內影展外獲獎無數。證明其魅力無分國界,大人小孩都為它著迷。如何能在短短的一分鐘裡道盡人生滋味?看過的人才能領悟這箇中奇妙。

“Mig Said… “ is a series of fables. The creator, Mig, starts out from soft philosophy to examine the norm and provoke new ideas. There are no harsh criticisms, but modest and comfortable attitude. In the society where people are busy for work and life, Mig’s point of view is like a green widow in the small room.

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2005 Cartoons on the Bay,International Showcase-Selected for Screening
2005 The Nicktoons Film Festival-Selected for Screening
2005 Animafest Zagreb, Films for Children Competition 2 (CROATIA)
2006 Taiwan International Animation Festival, International View Finder (TAIWAN)
2007 The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival (USA)
2007 Taiwan International Animation Festival, Kaleidoscopic World of Animation(TAIWAN)
2007 Rainbow-wave: Selections of interdisciplinary creations of figure models(TAIWAN)
2007 Singapore Design Festival (SINGAPORE)
2008 Dominated in the 9th TGHFF Digital Animation Shorts Competition
2009 The 4th Annual Children’s Film Festival Seattle (USA)
2009 Red Stick International Animation Festival (USA)
2009 REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival (USA)
2009 The Showcomotion Young People’s Film Festival (UK)
2009 The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (USA)
2009 The 3rd Aldeburgh Children’s Film Festival (UK)
2009 London Children’s Film Festival (UK)
2010 International Festival of Children’s Films, Pittsburgh (USA)
2011 The 6th Children’s Film Festival Seattle (USA)
2011 REDCAT Film Festival (USA)
2011 Hero Fest – My Hero Short Film Festival (USA)
2011 Flicks International Children’s Film Festival